Heathen Contrast Cut

Heathen Contrast Cut
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Titan Price: $1,062.50
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Product Description :

The Heathen wheel begins as 7 spokes and splits into 14 ornate tendrils before blending into the rim center and then follows with a complimentary design on the outer edge of the subtly curving rim face.

PM has refined the Contrast Cut process in 2008 with the NEW Heathen wheel. The exposed aluminum is meticulously polished to further increase the Contrast and highlight the design of the wheel. This process is carried all the way out to the edge of the rim. The Contrast Platinum finish is only available on the Heathen design.

The Heathen is available in Contrast Cut finish where the exposed aluminum is left in the raw machined state as well as the Contrast Platinum finish where the exposed aluminum has been polished.