FL Softail Raked Tree Set

FL Softail Raked Tree Set

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descriptionThe HHI Fatboy style raked triple tree kit fits with all 1984-preset Fatboy, Heritage, Deluxe, and Slim models. They are designed to accept the original tin covers and headlight or full Nacelle so you can maintain the stock look while increasing fork rake and overall wheelbase length. Kits are available in both 4 and 6 degree rakes, with or without extended lower fork covers and fork extensions. The 4 degree rake kit is typically used when installing a 21" or 23" front wheel and the 6 degree kit is recommended for installing a 26" wheel. Both applications do not require the extended fork covers or fork extensions.


NOT recommended for bikes with the STOCK size front wheel or for install with aftermarket fairing and/or saddlebags. See our product section under Softail Neck Rake Kits for these type of installs
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