Flip Blades

Flip Blades
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Adding the comfort of highway pegs to your FL Softail or Touring rig doesn't have to mean extra clutter. These stealthy highway pegs simply bolt in place on the bottom of the Traditional or Swept Wing H-D footboard. When deployed, they fold out & lock into place, much like a pocket knife blade. A release lever allows them to return to their original, almost invisible position when not in use. A hinge allows them to fold up & back if cornering touch-down occurs.

Fits: Traditional Boards - All '84-'09 Electra Glides (except '04-'05 FLHTCSE & '06-'09 FLHTCUSE), '84-96 Tour Glides, '98-'09 Road Glides (except '09 FLHTCUSE), '94-'09 Road Kings (except '04-'07 FLHRS, '07-'08 FLHRSE) & all '86-'09 FLST Models (except '05-09 FLSTN, '05-06 FLSTFSE, '08-'09 FLSTB, & '09-'09 FLSTC)

Fits: Swept Wing Boards - '06-'09 Street Glides, '04-'07 FLHRS, '04-'05 FLHTCSE, '06-'09 FLHTCUSE, '07-'08 FLHRSE, '09 FLTRSE, or any H-D Model with Swept Wing shaped boards (pr)