FEULING High Pressure / High Volume Oil Pump for M-Eight

FEULING High Pressure / High Volume Oil Pump for M-Eight
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High Pressure / High Volume Oil Pump for M-Eight Oil Pump - HP+ - Oil Cooled - M8

Precision-machined pressure relief valve and bore Every pump is bench tested, the relief valve is seated and sealed to a minimum of 30 psi with full pop off at 55-60 psi

Increased oil volume from the larger gears and properly sized passages along with the pressure relief valve seat and seal from these oil pumps is essential for proper oiling system function Eliminate common pressure and scavenge issues associated with the factory oil pumps

When matched to a Feuling camplate, pumps reduce engine and oil temperatures, increase oil pressure volume, and scavenge volume on the return side to reduce build up of oil in the crankcase

Increase oil flow in and out of the engine with corrected tolerances, oil passages and larger geroter gears

High-flow 2.250" Chrome Moly gerotor gears 20% more pressure and 20% more scavenge volume over stock

Magnet to help protect gears and pressure relief valve Billet 6061 aluminum with natural finish

Increased and optimized scavenge port holes and galleys (requires being matched to a Feuling High Flow camplate

Increases oil pressure

Increased kidney passage volume

Eliminates blow by and wet sumping

Cooler oil & engine temperatures

More horsepower and torque to the rear wheel

Must be matched to a Feuling High Flow camplate.

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