Diamond Cut Iron Cross Lamp
Diamond Cut Iron Cross Lamp

Diamond Cut Iron Cross Lamp

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descriptionAdjure's new Rodeo Dr. design is a combination of the old school look (The step down) and the new style look (pointed rear section). The sleek smooth body with the visor bezel makes this bucket a real eye pleaser. Our "Phast Lock" design makes this bucket easy and fast to assemble and disassemble making changing bulbs EZ. Each headlight bucket comes with a 3/4" mounting block and the bulb harness. Mounting bolts are not included. This bucket comes complete with our Diamond cut Trillient lamp and an H-4 Xenon filled 55/60 watt bulb.Just bolt it on plug it in and take a ride.

NOTE: Installing a higher wattage or Blue tint bulb will void the warranty as It will eventually cause damage either in your lamp or your wiring.
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