D&D Stubby Cat

D&D Stubby Cat
Item# 619Z-31-32
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Header Pipes are Ceramic Coated Inside and Outside.

Black systems is Black Ceramic outside and Sliver Ceramic inside.

Chrome system 619Z-32 Header is Sliver Ceramic polished to be shiny on the outside

and Sliver Ceramic inside.

The Sliver Ceramic inside will appear to be a white color.

Stepped Header:

15/8" to 13/4" to 1 7/8" 2 1/4" where the muffler slides on.

Works on motors 96" and up

New Vortex Baffle 2" Louvered wrapped inter core

New end cap can be rotated

Stubby Cat will not fit 1990-2008


The Stubby Cat was designed to be used with stretch bags.

If using the Stubby Cat with stock bags you might have an issue with ground clearance do to the fact the stretch bags are longer and you will hit bags before the pipe. Using the Stubby Cat with stock bags you might damage the end of the muffler and there will be NO Warranty for this issue.

Finish Options: Show Chrome Mindnight Black