D&D M8 Billet Cat 2:1 Exhaust

D&D M8 Billet Cat 2:1 Exhaust
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D&D M8 Billet Cat 2:1 Exhaust

2017-Present Harley Davidson Touring D&D 2:1 M8 Billet Cat is a steeped header system at 1 3/4"-1 7/8"-2 1/8" at collector -2 1/2" where the muffler goes to the header.


Looking for the perfect exhaust system for your Harley M8 bike? Look no further.

D&D has created the perfect exhaust system designed specifically for Harley 2017-2020 Milwakee-Eight motorcycles.

This M8 Exhaust system is engineered to increase low end torque and horsepower.

A D&D Performance Exhaust representative will be happy to help you choose the right pipe for your needs.

New 2:1 System for the Milwaukee - Eight Engine.

This system is designed especially for the M8 motors.

The M8 Billet Cat full system is equipped with heat-shields,exhaust gaskets,bolt kit and baffle.

Our systems a designed to increase low-end torque and horsepower.

M8 Billet Cat comes with 18mm 02 bungs with a 12mm insert for the 12mm sensors.

D&D Exhaust Baffle Choices:

This D&D Exhaust system comes with the choice of two different baffles: Vortex Wrapped Baffle or the new Big Bore Baffle:

The 2 1/2" core Vortex Wrapped Baffle works best on stock displacements up to 114"

The Big Bore Baffle works best on the bigger displacements on stage 4 114" and up.

D&D's Big Bore Baffle Details:

Our Chief Engineer has seen significant increases in mid to high range power on modified engines from stage 4 HD 114 and 117 to aftermarket 124 and up with matching cam and proper tune.

The baffle is an all metal perforated 2 1/2 core ( aka big bore baffle) and will be really loud.

Since we are a performance-based company, we always give our recommendations based on getting you the best performance, however if you’re willing to sacrifice some performance, you can go with this loud baffle option for the M8 Billet Cat.

We do sell this baffle as a replacement so if you already have the M8 Billet cat you can purchase a replacement baffle.

However, removing our baffles can be quite difficult, you might consider purchasing the muffler housing with the baffle.

The Billet Cat is an end cap design if you damage the end of the muffler you will not be able to attach the end cap when finished. If you decide to change the baffle, the motorcycle will need to be re-tuned.


Will NOT fit with the Harley Cool Flow Fan.

D&D Performance Exhaust Systems are designed for closed course racing applications.

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