Custom Dynamics - Taillight/Turn Signal - Top Window - Red Lens

Custom Dynamics - Taillight/Turn Signal - Top Window - Red Lens
Item# 2010-1416
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ProBEAM Integrated taillight combines 5 LED running light pipes with full contrast red brake LEDs with built in left and right amber auxiliary turn signals

The low profile design protrudes only two inches from the stock taillight baseplate for a sleek, custom, all-in-one solution for the rear fender

Replacement gasket and nylon washers included for easy plug and play installation into OEM taillight circuit board

DOT and SAE compliant run/brake light

NOTE: Not Recommended for inverted installation on 01 FXDWG2, 02 FXDWG3, 99-08 FXDWG, 2008-2013 FXDF, 99-09 FXSTB, 08-11 FLSTSB, 99-10 FXSTC, 99-07 FXST, 99-06 FXSTS, 09-12 XR1200 & XR1200X

NOTE: Not compatible on Trike models, on models with Run/Brake/Turn module installed or on CanBus models with Brake/Turn BCM programming