El Diablo 4 in Slip-On Muffler

El Diablo 4 in Slip-On Muffler

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descriptionInternally, The Spun-Louvered Core Provides the Bark and Horsepower Increase You Expect from Cobra.

The Cone Megaphone Muffler Body is Manufactured In House, Not Outsourced Like Most of Our Competition.

It Starts as a 2 and 3/4-inch Piece of Tube, and Morphs Into 4-inches at the Rear.

To Finish It All Off, We Machined a Beveled Tip to complement the Lines of the Megaphone, and Etched the Cobra Logo On Top.

Available in Chrome with Black tip, and Black with Black tip.

Note: If using the Cobra Head Pipe, You Must Purchase the Muffler Heat Shield in Order to Have a Smooth Look.
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