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Boneshaker GEN III Slip-On's 95'-16' Touring 4.5 Inch Chrome
Boneshaker GEN III Slip-On's 95'-16' Touring 4.5 Inch Chrome
Item# SVT9516C
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Titan Price: $557.96
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Product Description :

These pipes are made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

These slip on mufflers live up to their name, making your exhaust a real bone shaker.

Redesigned baffles, now louder than before!

You’ll hear immediately why so many Harley riders choose SVT Boneshakers for their motorcycles.


This Bone Shaker exhaust fits any Harley Davidson Touring Model from the 1995-2016 model years.

The slip on mufflers are manufactured with an all steel Cyclone Baffle System that delivers a deep, growling sound at idle, and a smooth, mild tone at cruising speed.

Made with shining chrome, with four-inch chrome tips, this pair of slip on mufflers are made of shining chrome, with four-inch chrome tips that catch every ray of light they encounter.

Note: End Caps are Available with your choice of 4 different SVT Boneshakers logo Colors, Red, Blue, Silver, Dark Gray, Gold, Candy Green or Black..... Dark Gray works great for all Black Bikes and the CVO Gray Bike.

If you are ordering a Black set and want a Black Logo, the Gray is a good alternative as the Black logo on a Black cap will not show up very well.

Bone Shaker Exhaust

There’s only one Bone Shaker exhaust line, and we carry the products.

These slip on mufflers give Harleys a loud, deep growl that the whole neighborhood can hear.

From the first time you crank it over, you won’t want anything else on your bike’s exhaust pipes.

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