Big Twin Battery Tender
Big Twin Battery Tender

Big Twin Battery Tender

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descriptionThis is a GREAT gift idea for the biker enthusiast.

Charges 2 Batteries at Once. Can be used on all types of motorcycle batteries including flooded lead-acid, absorbed glass ma (AGM) & gel cell. Fully automatic two stage charging/maintaining process will not overcharge batteries. LED status lights indicate the operating mode of the charger and the charge condition of the battery or batteries. Produces 10 seconds of V-Twin engine rumble sound whenever a battery is connected or at the push of a button. Two fifteen foot output cords are included with quick connect squeeze connectors and permanent mount battery connectors. Power input and output cords can easily be removed from the charger for display purpose.

Safety features include: Sparkproof when making battery connections; Reverse polarity protection; Short circuit protection; Operates on 100/240 volts AC so you can also use it on your next overseas trip; Includes instructions and has a 3 year Manufacturer's Warranty

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