Beveled Cat Eye Forged Black Billet Mirrors - Hanger Stem

Beveled Cat Eye Forged Black Billet Mirrors - Hanger Stem

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descriptionArlen Ness Beveled Cat Eye Forged Billet Mirrors - Hanger Stem Black

The finest quality mirrors we have ever offered at any price.

Features: Forged billet mirror heads feature a stainless steel pivot that is pressed into each mirror stem. Hidden triangulated Spring Plate is mounted behind the convex glass and is guaranteed to never loosen or vibrate out of adjustment. Patent pending Hanger Stem for our Ape Hanger applications. Our Hanger design can be mounted on top of the Handlebars controls below the Handlebar controls on Ape Hanger applications. Black anodized finish Hardware for HD® , Metric, Victory®, Indian® and custom applications included.

Glass Dimensions: 4" x 2"

Note: When ordering Hanger Stems for under mount applications, please order the opposite right or left fitment. Mounting below the handlebar controls on Ape Hanger applications only applies to Harley models.
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