AirHawk Seat Cushion Dual Sport 11x11
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Developed by a pioneer in the medical industry, the technology used in the Airhawk seat cushion was originally developed to prevent pressure injuries of patients who were bed-ridden or confined to a wheelchair.

By using interconnected cells, the Airhawk cushion can adapt to the individual contours of the rider, and distribute weight in a way regular seats and pads canít.

The non-slip surface on the underside of the pad sits securely on the top of the seat, and also comes with attachment loops for semipermanent mounting and security.


Stress Relief design features reduced pressure points on the tail bone, scrotum and prostate areas

Cell heights on front lowered for better leg passage

Ergonomically form fitting design allows better conformity to a multitude of seat shapes and sizes

The cover is a breathable spacer mesh cloth material w/red vinyl accent, non-skid bottom material

The inner bladder is manufactured out of Polyurethane

Airhawk seat cushions have a lifetime warranty

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