Progressive 944 Ultra Touring Shocks

Progressive 944 Ultra Touring Shocks

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descriptionUnique Ultra spring configuration provides the superb ride quality and suspension travel of a 13" shock but the custom lowered look of a 12" shock

Low Series shocks are designed to sit even lower; 2" lower than a stock Touring model

Built around Progressive Suspension's Frequency Sensing Technology (FST)

Allows the shocks to sense the frequency of a bump and automatically adjust damping for superior ride quality

Unique spring combination delivers a dropped ride height while being ridden, but also while the bike is on a side stand

This allows you to better manage your bike at intersections and when parking

Adjust spring pre-load by hand, no special tool needed

Progressive rate main springs specifically designed for touring models

High-pressure gas charged for consistent performance

Heavy Duty Applications are recommended for bikes operating at or near the manufacturer's maximum load rating over 50% of the time.

Before purchasing or attempting to install shocks that are different than the OEM length, confirm that your wheel travel can be altered without causing clearance issues, such as swingarm/axle to exhaust contact as well as chain/belt guard or tire contact.


Product Name: Shock Absorber

Type: Coilover Monotube

Model: 944 FST

Damping Method: Gas Charged

Duty: Standard

Base Color: Black / Gray

Color/Finish: Gray / Black

Material: Aluminum

Extended Length: 12.00"

Progressive Spring Rate: 1.60 kg/mm - 2.30 kg/mm / 90.00 lb/in - 130.00 lb/in

Spring Type: Single Progressive Rate

Reservoir Location: Internal

Adjustment Style: Automatic

Mounting Position: Rear

Units: Pair
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