Exhaust Wrap

Exhaust Wrap

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The original exhaust wrap was developed over 25 years ago by Thermo-Tec . Exhaust Insulating Wrap is an innovative way to create more horsepower and reduce temperatures. Wrapping pipes with Thermo-Tec Wrap maintains hotter exhaust gases that exit the system faster through decreased density. Increased exhaust scavenging is produced, along with lower intake temperatures; withstands continuous heat up to 2,000°F, and contains no asbestos. Thermo-Tec exhaust wrap will not over insulate a system when properly installed due to a proprietary coating. The Generation II copper wrap improves heat resistance up to 20% more.

Available in three finishes, 1" or 2" wide and 50 ft. rolls with a low profile 1/16" thickness
Recommend using Thermo-Tec Wrap Spray Coating.

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