3" Slip-On Muffler with Race Pro Tips

3" Slip-On Muffler with Race Pro Tips

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The RPT slip-ons make use of all of the high-tech features of the regular 3" slip-on mufflers, including 2" constant velocity cores for exceptional sound and performance, as well as the bonded e-glass and stainless steel mesh.
The RPT designation comes from adapting the design from the Race-Pro 4" muffler into this 3" size.

The bodies begin as 3" at the front until they expand to 3-1/2" at the rear
The black tip is also the Race-Pro machined design that's held in place with 12-point bolts
Billet RPT tip finishes off the rear
2" spun-louvered baffle creates back pressure and accelerates exhaust gases
Available in chrome and black.
Made in USA.

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