592 Cam-Chain Drive-M8

592 Cam-Chain Drive-M8
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Product Description :

Aggressive camshaft requiring high lift and higher load valvesprings, performance pushrods and lifters

High flow air cleaner and triple stepped exhaust pipe highly recommended

Heavy duty pushrods are highly recommended

RPM range 2,850 - 6,250


Product Name: Camshaft

Type: Chain

Model: Race Series®

Grind: 592 Series

Intake Lift at TDC: 0,182"

Intake Open: 20°

Intake Lobe Centerline: 97°

Intake Close: 34°

Intake Lift: 0.578"

Intake Duration: 234°

Exhaust Lift: 0.592"

Exhaust Duration: 264°

Exhaust Lift at TDC: 0,146"

Exhaust Open: 68°

Exhaust Lobe Centerline: 116°

Exhaust Close: 16°