525cc Cam-Reaper-Chain Conversion Cam

525cc Cam-Reaper-Chain Conversion Cam

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descriptionDesigned to increase torque band width and increase fuel economy

Great bolt-in camshaft upgrade for stock 88" and 96" engines; also performs very well in 103" strokers and will respond well to increased compression and cylinder head work

Produces strong low and mid-range power with linear horsepower and torque curve

Can be used with factory valve springs, pushrods and lifters Increases throttle response and eases starting

1750-5500 RPM power range


Product Name: Camshaft

Type: Chain Conversion

Model: Reaper

Grind: 525 Series

Intake Open: 4

Intake Close: 42

Intake Lift: 0,525"

Intake Duration: 226

Exhaust Lift: 0,535"

Exhaust Duration: 236

Exhaust Open: 51

Exhaust Close: 5
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