Progressive 490 Series Shocks

Progressive 490 Series Shocks

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descriptionTrue sport performance shocks

Feature a high-pressure monotube with deflective disc-damping technology, hand threaded pre-load and rebound adjustment

Linear rate spring allows riders to fine tune the damping and consistently withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads

Engineered jounce bumper and cup also help smooth out and control bottoming

Heavy Duty Applications are recommended for bikes operating at or near the manufacturer's maximum load rating over 50% of the time.

Before purchasing or attempting to install shocks that are different than the OEM length, confirm that your wheel travel can be altered without causing clearance issues, such as swingarm/axle to exhaust contact as well as chain/belt guard or tire contact.


Product Name: Shock Absorber

Type: Coilover Monotube

Model: 490 Series

Damping Method: Gas Charged

Duty: Standard / Heavy Duty

Base Color: Black

Color/Finish: Black

Material: Aluminum

Extended Length: 12.50" 13.00"

Spring Type: Single Linear Rate

Reservoir Location: Internal

Adjustment Type: Adjustable Spring Preload

Mounting Position: Rear

Units: Pair
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