4.5 Race Pro Slip On's Raven Black

4.5 Race Pro Slip On's Raven Black

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descriptionBodies taper to 4" round at the front

4.5" machined aluminum thin line black tips are held in place with seven stainless steel, 12-point bolts

Feature satin black laser-cut steel straps that tightly encircle the mufflers with built-in mounting straps

3" cores for superior performance

The frequency and location of the perforation patterns in the cores creates significant sound scattering in the mid frequencies, which helps to enhance the low frequency tones

Acoustical engineering developments allow an incredibly deep sound because of intense, class-leading resonance absorption and prevention

Use proprietary materials with specific acoustical dampening and thermal insulation properties

Sold in pairs

Raven black is slightly darker than the previous coating, providing the best finish possible

Made in the U.S.A.
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