Arlen Ness 10-Gauge Inverted Big Sucker in Chrome

Arlen Ness 10-Gauge Inverted Big Sucker in Chrome
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For over a decade Arlen Ness has led the air cleaner market with our patented Big Suckerô.The new Inverted Series air cleaners combine the patented Big Suckerô technology and an inverted filter top that maximizes airflow by pulling in air from the face of the air cleaner, as well as the traditional method of pulling air from the sides. Each kit is machined entirely from forged billet aluminum to provide the best performance and style possible.


Constructed from forged billet aluminum

Features the patented Big Suckerô hidden breather technology. Each hidden breather is o-ringed at the heads and exits at the mouth of the injector/ carb to provide efficient engine breathing and a virtually closed loop system. This eliminates the need for any external hoses or hardware

Radius air inlet provides maximum performance by providing unobstructed airflow

Aluminum breather hardware includes specially designed breather bolts and covers for clean mounting


Each Inverted Series filter is handmade in the U.S.A.

Features synthetic material that never needs oil, just wash and re-use for long lasting performance

Synthetic filters are water resistant eliminating the need for a rain sock

Each filter features an inverted pleated top with pleated sides to maximize airflow by pulling in from every angle

Synthtic material is black with a stainless steel jacket


Machined from a single piece of forged billet aluminum for clean style, reduced weight, and improved ergonomics

Features built in velocity stack that not only gives a unique look, but also increase performance by forcing air into the filters inverted pleated top

10-Gauge styling with a chrome finish

Matching 10-Gauge wheels and rotors are also available in a chrome finish